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Qualified accountants are here to assist you in your accounting obligations. Having us help you in your accounting services will enable you to focus on other important aspects of your business.



CEVA Accounting & Advisory Services’ goal is to carry out accounting service for you and assist your business to succeed and operate in a good manner while enhancing your focus on other important aspect of your company.


CEVA Accounting & Advisory Services’ mission is to assist customers to keeping proper financial books for running businesses in a good manner and produce proper business documentation for stakeholders such as tax authorities and other business relations.

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Our Capabilities :

  •  Fully qualified and part of the Association of Registered Financial Controllers (VRC) in the
  • Knowledge-driven financial professionals
  •  Honest and transparent
  •  Efficient  organization
  • Attention to detail
  • Skilled in data entry
  • Thorough knowledge of accounting essentials such as invoicing and general ledger etc.
  • Knowledge of spreadsheets/Microsoft Excel etc.
  • Understanding of accounting and book-keeping software systems
  • Thinking critically

Why CEVA Accounting and Advisory Services?

When you choose CEVA, you’re choosing a partner that will: